Meet the Team

Our team at Cyberlux, combined have 40 years’ experience and a passion for assisting our clients with reaching their full accounting capabilities.

As the world is changing at a speed and intensity like never before, people’s expectations are higher and the demands to deliver are stronger. Therefore, listening, delivering, and exceeding those expectations are built into how we run our daily practice.

We are aware that to deliver great service we must also value and invest time and resources into our staff. 

We are continuously enhancing the talents of our staff and providing on-site training to keep up with all our client’s needs. We strive to provide a safe work environment that is enjoyable and encourages each member to be the best version of themselves.

Our goal is to give you, as a client, the best possible experience in working with us. So, on behalf of the team at Cyberlux Accounting, we say thank you. Referrals from our esteemed clients are invaluable to the growth of our business.

Elena Crawford

Managing Director

Our co-founder and Managing Director brought Cyberlux Accounting to life amid the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, with a goal of helping businesses with their accounting needs through any climate. Elena completed her Bachelor of Business Accounting Degree at Western Sydney University and took a Forensic Accounting course at Wollongong University.

Elena is a registered BAS Agent, a Certified Member of CPA Australia, and a Justice of the Peace. She has over 20 years’ experience in commercial accounting across a variety of industries including Construction & Development, Retail, Legal, Medical, Agricultural and Charity organisations. She specialises in re-structuring small to medium businesses to improve efficiency within the business and minimise paperwork and overheads by running their entire accounting function behind the scenes. Elena has the capabilities to act as a virtual CFO by providing all aspects of your typical accounting departments without the need to be on the premises. When Elena is away from her computer she loves to relax with a good movie and a glass of red… or two!

Melody Perez

Client Manager

Every business needs a Melody. She assists in all aspects of the business; her main focus is helping clients to structure their accounting function, such as, assessing current systems and streamlining processes by researching for new software technology applicable to the industry, while providing training and support to our internal and external clients. Melody is an experienced Accountant with a Bachelor of Business Accounting Degree. She is also an Associate Member of CPA Australia.

With 5 + years’ experience in accounting Melody has had the chance to work with various industries including Hospitality, Construction and Development, Manufacturing, Legal, Medical and Retail. Melody is interested in Start-Up and Small Businesses Entrepreneurship. In her spare time, she loves to be out in nature taking in the views, especially the beach and in her past life she was a certified Pastry Chef!

Gabriella Abbott


Gabriella is one-of-a-kind, you won’t find anyone like her! She is successful in her own right and here at Cyberlux she is responsible for running the day-to-day business transactions for our client’s, especially accounts payable. Gabriella is great in establishing automation for repetitive tasks and assisting the rest of the team in terms of data entry and accounts payable. She is extremely reliable and sometimes it’s hard for her to switch off as she absolutely loves what she does. Her attention to detail is second to none! Gabriella has a love of good coffee and anything digital. When she’s not at the office you just know she is doing anything tech related, or she has her head buried into strategy games!

Kumar Nadesh


Kumar is an experienced Accountant with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. He has 16 years’ experience in accounting, specialising in Payroll & Accounts Payable. For 12 years prior to his current position, he worked as an internal accountant for a multi-million-dollar Construction and Development company. Kumar is primarily responsible for looking after the bookkeeping side of the business and with a keen attention to detail – he passes on his insight and experience to our clients. When he’s out of the office, you can find him in the garden, enjoying long walks or better still, sitting back watching the cricket!

Angela Mak

Assistant Accountant

Angela is an experienced Accountant, she has 8 years’ experience in the industry, with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting. Angela found her love of accounting while in the middle of completing a Hospitality course and discovering she did not like working in hotels, in which she then decided to go back to university and study Accounting. Prior to coming on board with Cyberlux, Angela worked as an Accountant for a Computer Hardware company, a Software Developer & for a globally recognised Money Transfer company. She loves numbers and is passionate about helping her clients with their financial needs all while keeping their books immaculate and well maintained. On the days when she’s out of the office, Angela enjoys catching up with friends and loves getting away on holidays, long or short!

Tonia Wu

Assistant Accountant

Tonia has a Master of Professional Accounting from Macquarie University which she completed in 2014. Before joining our team, she was bookkeeping for a small consulting company for around 5 years. Her career ambition is to work her way to becoming a trusted advisor who can create value for her customers. On the days when she’s not in the office she loves spending quality family time with her kids.

Nicola Squires

Accounts Support Specialist

Nicola completed her Bachelor of Business at UTS, majoring in Finance and Accounting in 2011. Prior to starting with Cyberlux she has experience as an auditor and dabbled in the recruiting world within both finance & accounting departments, in Sydney & London. While Nicola joined our team as an accounting support specialist, she strives to be a qualified accountant one day. When she is not at work, she loves being a mum to her two beautiful kids as well as being active outdoors and playing team sports including water polo, soccer, and tennis. Nicola also loves to get creative by indulging in activities such as painting and pottery.

Katie Jenkins

Client Success Specialist

Katie joined our team at the beginning of June 2022, with her love of organisation, attention to detail and her history in fast-paced environments as a receptionist we knew she would be the perfect fit to manage all our administrative tasks. Her employment background is vast in many industries including Hospitality, Book Publishing, Graphic Design, and Automotive. Although she is a fresh face in the accounting world, she has already shown us that she is more than capable of tackling whatever we throw her way and is already assisting with basic bookkeeping tasks for various clients. On days that you don’t find her at the office, we can guarantee you that she is at home, curled up watching trashy TV, with her two crazy English Staffies!

With our expertise, we assure you that you can rely on us.