Industries we work with

Professional Sectors

Cyberlux brings together skilled members with a range of experience in different professional industries such as, Education, Public Practice, Legal, IT, Medical and other institutions. We offer customised solutions to meet our client’s specific needs by understanding its unique challenges & structures. Serving our clients current demand with an innovative approach by utilising the software and systems used in the industry. As your trusted advisor we can help you navigate your financial needs and provide valuable insights and advice. By building strong relationships and offer you an exceptional accounting service.

Real Estate

We are professionals who specialise in handling financial transactions related to real estate businesses from receiving deposits, paying commissions, and releasing funds.

Our team have a strong understanding of real estate laws, regulations, and accounting standards, as well as experience working with real estate software and
financial reporting tools.

Construction & Development

At Cyberlux we are highly experienced and have an extensive knowledge in the Construction & Development. We recognise the importance of managing financial aspects of multiple construction projects, including creating and maintaining budgets,
tracking expenses, managing contracts and payment schedules, preparing financial statements and reports, and ensuring that all financial transactions comply with
regulations and laws. 

Additionally, we can offer support in construction-related decision making, such as, negotiate pricing with suppliers and contractors, while working closely with
construction project managers, architects, and engineers.


At Cyberlux, we support the primary objective of NFP organisations to serve the public in a positive way rather than generate a profit.

We provide some of the key financial statements used by non-profit organisations that includes tracking donations, grants, and other funding sources, as well as documenting expenses for programs and services.

Overall, we ensure to provide accurate and transparent financial information that allows stakeholders to evaluate the organisation’s financial position, performance, and use of resources.

Distribution & Manufacturing

Our team have a solid understanding of accounting principles and financial reporting, as well as experience with cost accounting and inventory management. We can work effectively with other departments, including production, sales, and marketing.

Providing insightful information for products that are trending and in high demand and help determine the most cost-effective methods for production.


We have worked with many retailers and have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that retailers face, such as inventory management, pricing strategy, and competition. Our team will work closely with you to create a customized solution that meets your specific needs and goals.

Our services include financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting, and business consulting.

We are here to help retailers achieve their financial goals and succeed in today’s competitive market. We bring expertise, dedication, and a commitment to excellence
to every project we work on, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service possible.

With our expertise, we assure you that you can rely on us.